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The Guild

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{{Guild | emblem = THE_GUILD_EMBLEM.png | motto = No motto is too long for The Guild!| monster = | rank = | number = 23| leader = | founded = Decemberish 2015!| founder = Mr God Junior | alignment = Satisfyingly random| gold = | forum = | stats = | pantheon = | pantheon2 = | pantheon3 = | Pantheon4 = 324 | town = | perc = | date = One one minute from now| friend1 = Another Guild| friend2 = The Authors Guild| friend3 = | friend4 = | friend5 = | friend6 = | friend7 = | foe1 = | foe2 = | foe3 = | foe4 = | foe5 = }}
== A guild named The Guild ==
Well, we're really hoping you have come to understand that we are, surprisingly, ''The Guild'' after seeing the big title that says, "''The Guild''," at the top of the page.
As for what we do, mostly the same things every other guild does! (Hint: There's really not much to do as a guild in Godville!)
*Try, sometimes unsuccessfully, to focus on having interesting conversations in ''The Guild Chat''.
The First Temple: {{God|Tlazoltoteo}} was the first of us to get a temple! She was also the first member over level 20 and the first member over level 30 for an extensive amount of time, until {{God|Hit you}} joined!
A fine example of how some of The Former ''The Guild'' members are not complete noobs or alts!
== Recruitment Policies ==
* Do it! ''(as in recruitment)''
* Don't recruit in a bad way! ''(as if there are any bad ways to recruit for The Guild!)''
* The more members we have, the more The More members we will have!* The more people you convince to join the happier The Happier we'll be!
== The Guild Hall ==
Whether or not you believe me, ''The Main Building'' is not only named ''The Main Building'', it is also ''The Main Building'' of'' ''The Guild'' Hall!'' This was decided after many arguments, with a variety of suggestions including: ''The Port-au-Potty'', ''Trash-Heap'', and ''{{God|Tlazolteteo}}'s Temple''.
''The Main Building'' is located in, as you may have already guessed, ''{{God|Tlazolteteo}}'s Temple''. It as not so much a temple, but a labyrinth, and at the endThe End, the bathroomsThe Bathrooms. Here we plot things, while gleefully watching people get lost in the labyrinth. The outside is purely gold, while the inside is painted a multitude of undefined ''The Guild'' colours, as well as including ''The Guild Crest'' painted everywhere and the motto, painted largely and cut off by the wallsThe Walls.
=== The Plot ===
Firstly, due to various magnefying prisms, and complicated light refractions, the bathrooms The Bathrooms look very close to the entrance from the outside. So, when people heroes enter, asking for the bathroomThe Bathroom, or are on tour and ask for the bathroomThe Bathroom, they simply go by themselves, instead of paying the The price for a guide. A foolish choice indeed. First, they get lost; then, they find the strategetically The strategically placed beer coolers, needing a donation to open. They relax on the The overstuffed couches and stay there, all the The while, their money being depleted, beer by beer. When they run out of money, we boot them out. If they stained the couches with their need for the The bathroom, we fine them! Foolproof!
Now, would you like to explore ''The Main Building''?

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