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The Psyche of Monsters

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Started the publishing of the book "The Psyche of Monsters"
===The Psyche of Monsters===
====By Dr Enai====
''Unspecifiedistan University Press.'' This book is known for it's in depth analysis on the Psyche of Godville's troubled monsters... It is the only work published, (to this day) by Dr Enai...  ====TABLE OF CONTENTS==== Case studies Page 1-25The Psyche of the modern [[monster]] Page 26The [[Hero]] syndrome Page 27-28Schizophrenia, is it the new [[hero]] norm ? Page 28-29The "[[God voice]]" syndrome... Page 30
==Case studies==
*[[Arachnophobic Spider]] Page 1
*[[Average Foe]] Page 2
*[[Captain Obvious]] Page 3
==The Psyche of the modern monster==
==The Hero syndrome==
==Schizophrenia, is it the new norm?==
==The "God Voice" syndrome==

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