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Aquaphobic Fish

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==General Information==
The '''Aquaphobic Fish''' is a rather small creature that lives in any body of water. It is in a constant state of stress due to an odd biological "glitch" that causes it develop a severe fear of water, despite the fact that it can't survive without it. As a consequence of this existential dilemma, the '''Aquaphobic Fish''' has a tendency to lash out at other living creatures that come near it in an attempt to take its mind off of things<ref>Much to the extreme ire of any [[Copfish]] that may be living nearby.</ref>.
<p>The Godville Department of Monster Zoology has attempted to study this creature in the past, but due to the aforementioned "glitch" also doubling as a protective feature<ref>Specifically, the ability to cause psychic damage to intellectuals.</ref>, the study has been cancelled. Fortunately, it has no effect on Heroes.

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