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GodWiki's Lore Compendium

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In Unspecifiedistan
** Picard, Vache Q. ''Valley of the Blings.'' Unspecifiedistan University Press. Unspecifiedistan, 1958 g.e. -- This is an academic survey of the Ancient Egoptian late period burial complex.
** Simons, Dr. Blythe. ''Folklore and Traditions of Godville.'' Unspecifiedistan University Press. [[Unspecifiedistan]], 3010 g.e. -- This is a text book for beginning students of the anthropology of Godville. It provides a very basic understanding of some of the quirkiest folklore and traditions that have been adopted by small groups of human residents, and serves as a jumping-off point for future in-depth studies.
**Etian, Dr. Natai. "''The Psyche of Monsters." '' Unspecifiedistan University Press. --This is a guidebook to understanding certain [[monster]]s' quirks... It is particularly known for it's analysis of the [[Arachnophobic Spider]]
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