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{{For|a detailed list of the variables used in the ideabox|Ideabox variables}}
[[File:idbox.jpg|thumb|Rare picture of a God submitting an idea in the Ideabox.]]
[[File:Ideabox-help.jpg|thumb|Godville Admnistrator Administrator crawling under the ideas.]]
The ideabox has long and detailed history. At first, the [[Godville Administrator]] thought up and wrote every idea in Godville. After about seventeen minutes, he ran out of ideas. He began pondering, how can I get new ideas? The answer: “let's outsource this!” But he didn't have any money, so he thought, let's outsource the creativity to the people who play the game. And so, the “Have an idea?” form was born.
The Godville Administrator quickly became inundated with ideas; so many he couldn't even see his own eyelids.
He thought, “I really need someone to sort out the good ideas from the bad,” and on June 4, 2010<ref>{{Cite blog|3|Vox Populiauto}} announced the introduction of the Ideabox.</ref>, he opened the '''Ideabox'''. Today, the Ideabox allows players to submit ideas for the game, to sort out the good from the bad, and then [[Pantheon of Gratitude|brag]] about how they submitted something.
{{quote|author={{Cite blog|3|Vox Populi,}} , June 4, 2010 | It’s been a while since we started to accept various ideas using the “Have an idea?” form. We’ve already got quite a lot of them; too many to handle them all on our own, so today we are opening the ideabox – the place where everyone can see new monsters, artifacts and diary phrases submitted by others and vote for them. Votes are important – highly ranked items are more likely to be added. But that does not mean that all high-ranked items will be added (or that low-rank items will be rejected) automatically – we’re still going to review them, filtering out ones that don’t fit into the current setting. The Ideabox also has a section where you can see how your ideas were voted by others and if they’ve been accepted by us (highlighted with the blue color). A link to the idea box [sic] will appear in the menu once your hero reaches [[level ]] 12.}}
Changes and improvements were then made several times through Godville history, resulting in the Ideabox as it exists today, described here.
==Ideabox (Feedback and Submissions)==
{| class="mw-collapsible" style="min-width: 15em;"
|+ style="font-weight: bold;" | Ideabox Categories
{| class="wikitable sortable" style="width: 100%; margin: 0;"
! Category !! Vote Threshold !! [[#Idea Length|Length]] !! [[Ideabox variables|Variables]] !! ER Phrase Types
! Diary
| 60% || Long || Yes || [[Enhancement Room#News and Phrase Types|Yes]]
! Earthly News
| 50% || 4&ndash;100 || Yes || [[Enhancement Room#News and Phrase Types|Yes]]
! Duels
| 40% || Long || Yes || [[Enhancement Room#News and Phrase Types|Yes]]
! Dungeons
| 40% || Long || Yes || [[Enhancement Room#News and Phrase Types|Yes]]
! Sail
| 40% || Long || Yes || [[Enhancement Room#News and Phrase Types|Yes]]
! Quests
| 40% || 4&ndash;300<ref group="N">Quest ending field has max length 300 characters.</ref> || [[Ideabox variables#Quest Variables|Limited]]<ref group="N">Only available variable is <code>%town_name%</code>, for guild [[mini-quests]] only.</ref> || No<ref group="N">ER comments may suggest specific quest types, such as epic or mini.</ref>
! Monsters
| 30% || 4&ndash;25<ref group="N">Monster artifact field has max length 40 characters.</ref> || No || No<ref group="N">ER comments may suggest specific monster types, such as boss or beastie.</ref>
! Artifacts
| 40% || 4&ndash;40 || No || No<ref group="N">ER comments may suggest specific artifact types, such as healing or activatable. Non-standard articles may be optionally selected if required.</ref>
! Equipment
| 40% || 4&ndash;30 || No || No<ref group="N">ER editors may optionally change the equipment type (e.g., body, legs, talisman, etc).</ref>
! Newspaper
| 40% || Long || Yes || [[Enhancement Room#News and Phrase Types|Yes]]
<references group="N" />
Ideas are submitted through the Ideabox (Submissions). The Ideabox (submission) is located in the lower left corner of the hero page on, and in the menu screen on the app under the Ideas section labeled "Feedback (submissions)."
Gods can submit the following types of feedback: other, to fix a bug, an awesome idea, a new diary phrase, an earthly news, a phrase for a duel, a new monster, a phrase for dungeon, a phrase for sailing, a new artifact, a new quest, a new piece of equipment, and news for the newspaper. All feedback types except "to fix a bug", "an awesome idea", and "news for the newspaperother" will be visible in the Ideabox (voting) section. "An awesome idea" can include suggestion for things like a new pantheon or a new game mechanic.
Gods are strongly encouraged to review the [[Ideabox survival guide]] before submitting ideas, unless, of course, "surviving" is not on a god's priority list.
===Idea Length===
The length of submitted ideas have hard limits in each Ideabox category. Even in categories with large character limits, brevity is strongly encouraged.
==== Short-Form Ideas ====
The short-form ideabox categories have hard limits on the idea's character length.
* '''Monsters:''' Minimum of 4, maximum of 25. Monster artifacts no longer than 40.
* '''Artifacts:''' Minimum of 4, maximum of 40.
* '''Equipment:''' Minimum of 4, maximum of 30.
* '''Earthly News:''' Minimum of 4, maximum of 100.
* '''Quest:''' Minimum of 4, maximum of 300. Quest ending no longer than 300.
==== Long-Form Ideas ====
The long-form ideabox categories have larger limits. Many Ideabox submitters may not realise, though, that ER editors also see warnings when ideas pass certain length limits. Succinct, snappy writing is very strongly preferred for game content.
Length warnings appear for ER editors for '''Diary''', '''Duel''', '''Dungeon''', and '''Sail''' categories:
* '''Longish warning''' at 120 characters or more: <q>Can it be re-written shorter? (length {count}).</q>
* '''Long warning''' at 200 characters or more: <q>Text needs to be shortened (length - {count}).</q>
* '''Too long warning''' at 300 characters or more: <q>Text should be shortened (length - {count}).</q>
The '''Newspaper''' and the non-voting Ideabox sections have large limits to their content, but submitters are still advised to be as succinct as possible if you want your ideas to be read and considered.
* '''Newspaper:''' Minimum of 4, maximum of 2000.
* '''Awesome Idea:''' Minimum of 4, maximum of 4000.
* '''Bug Report:''' Minimum of 4, maximum of 4000.
* '''Other:''' Minimum of 4, maximum of 2000.
===Variables For Submissions===
{{Main|Ideabox variables}} If you want to include the {{heroor heroine|or=1}}'s name, pet's name or other text that changes depending on circumstances, you use these one of the available variables. Variables are enclosed in percent signs (e.g., <code>%variable%</code>) and the game will fill in the correct string of text when it encounters one (for . For example, the current monster being fought will appear in place of <code>%monster%</code>). This A [[Ideabox variables|full and detailed list ]] is adapted from the ideabox page. Where quotation marks <code>“”</code> are shown around a variableavailable, these are recommended, but not strictly required for the variable to work. Some variables have shortcuts including information specifically for ER editors, show but here in the form <code>/xx</code>, which you will expand to find a shorter list and explanation of just the correct variable name when submittedmost useful variables.
====Hero Details====
* <code>%hero_name%</code> — {{heroor heroine}}'s name (<code>/hn</code>)* <code>“<code>%motto%</code>”</code> — hero's motto (<code>/mt</code>)* <code>“<code>%hero_guild%</code>”</code> — name of the {{heroor heroine}}'s guild (<code>/hg</code>)* <code>%hero_equipment%</code> — a random piece of the hero's equipment (<code>/he</code>)* <code>%hero_random_item%</code> — an item from the hero's inventory (<code>/hi</code>)* <code>“<code>%hero_random_skill%</code>”</code> — a random skill of the hero (<code>/hs</code>)* <code>%pet_name%</code> — the name of the {{heroor heroine}}'s pet (<code>/pn</code>)* <code>%pet_class%</code> — the species of the {{heroor heroine}}'s pet (<code>/pc</code>)* <code>%random_friend%</code> — the name of some friend-{{hero or heroine}} nearby (<code>/rf</code>)* <code>%rg%</code> — random generic name of the {{godor goddess}}, e.g. "Almighty" or "Great One" (<code>/rg</code>)
====Gender Details====
* <code>{<var>his</var>|<var>her</var>}</code> — hero or heroine gender variation (“The mayor said I looked like a strapping <code>{lad|lass}</code>.”)
* <code>{<var>his</var>||<var>her</var>}</code> — the gender variation of a second hero or heroine.
::In a duelDepending on context, the second <code>hero{||ine} </code> is the <code>%defender%</code>, and the second god{||||ess} his or hers. In a diary entry, the second hero is any <code>%random_friend%</code> or <code>%random_hero%</code> in the entry. If no second {{hero or heroine}} is specified, the gender will be decided at random. (“<code>%random_friend%</code> said <code>{he||she}</code> likes my new haircut.” “<code>%defender%</code> looked nervously at <code>{his||her}</code> badly dented weapon.” “One of my customers dropped <code>{his||her}</code> wallet. Terrible shame.”)* <code>{<var>his</var>|||<var>her</var>}</code> — god or goddess gender variation (“I'm cold, my <code>{Lord|||Lady}</code>!”)* <code>{<var>his</var>||||<var>her</var>}</code> — second gender variation of the god or goddess gender variation. (“<code>%defender_god%</code> flexed <code>{his||||her}</code> divine muscles.”) Whom this refers to follows the same system as of the gender variation of a second hero or heroine. Note that the braces do not have to contain the entire word (so “I'm cold, my L<code>hero{ord|||ady}</code>!” is valid). Nor is it required that both sides of the '''|''' character contain letters within the braces (so “Searching for the hero<code>{|ine}</code> on a minimap…” is equally valid as “Searching for in the <code>{hero|heroine}</code> on a minimap…”). Lastly, note that the first gender variable will be used for heroes, while the second will be used for heroinesentry.
====Things Around the Hero====
* <code>%current_quest%</code> — the name of the current quest (<code>/cq</code>)
* <code>%current_town%</code> — the name of the town where the {{hero or heroine}} is now (<code>/ct</code>)* <code>%town_name%</code> — on arrival to town (“<code>%town_name%</code> is nearby. Very nice, I need a rest.”) or the town granting a guild mini-quest* (<code>%current_aura%</code> — hero's current aura (“I sneezed and my aura of <code>%current_aura%tn</code> disappeared. Just my luck.”)* <code>%nearby_town%</code> — the name of a town near the {{hero (<code>/nt</code>)or heroine}}* <code>%monster%</code> — the monster that the {{hero or heroine}} is currently interacting with (<code>/mo</code>)* <code>%gold%</code> — gold coins spent/gained by the {{hero (<code>/go</code>)or heroine}}* <code>%god_phrase%</code> — voice from a {{godor goddess}}, either the {{heroor heroine}}'s or another
* <code>%some_tavern%</code> — the name of a random tavern
* <code>%some_territory%</code> — the name of some random location (<code>/st</code>)* <code>%artifact%</code> — artifact name with the appropriate article (“Found <code>%artifact%</code> under a pile of dirty clothes!”) (<code>/ar</code>)* <code>%artifact_base%</code> — artifact name without an article (“Broke my <code>%artifact_base%</code>.”) (<code>/ab</code>) ====Duel Variables====* <code>%attacker%</code> — the name of the hero or boss monster who is attacking in the entry, or the hero whose god is using an influence in the entry. (“<code>%attacker%</code> swung and missed.” “<code>%attacker%</code> was smothered under a layer of fluffy pink healing fuzz.”) (<code>/at</code>)* <code>%attacker_godname%</code> — the name of the god whose hero is attacking, or who is using an influence in the entry (<code>/ag</code>)* <code>“<code>%attacker_motto%</code>”</code> — the motto of the attacking hero* <code>%attacker_drop_artifact%</code> — a random item from the attacking hero's inventory that will be lost this turn* <code>%attacker_random_artifact%</code> — a random artifact of the attacking hero* <code>%attacker_random_equipment%</code> — a random piece of the attacking hero's equipment* <code>%defender%</code> — the name of the hero or boss monster who is defending in the entry, or the hero whose god is ''not'' using an influence in the entry (“<code>%defender%</code> almost took an arrow to the knee, but realised at the last minute how annoying that would be.” “<code>%defender%</code> steamed visibly after a precision lightning strike to the hair.”) (<code>/de</code>)* <code>%defender_godname%</code> — the name of the god whose hero is defending, or who is not using an influence in the entry* <code>“<code>%defender_motto%</code>”</code> — the motto of the defending hero* <code>%defender_drop_artifact%</code> — a random item from the defending hero's inventory that will be lost this turn* <code>%defender_random_artifact%</code> — a random artifact of the attacking hero* <code>%defender_random_equipment%</code> — a random piece of the defending hero's equipment* <code>%random_opponent%</code> — a randomly selected combatant. You cannot use normal gender variables with this* <code>%winner%</code> — the name of the hero or boss who wins the fight* <code>%loser%</code> — the name of the hero or boss who loses the fight
====Miscellaneous Variables====
* <code>“<code>%random_guild%</code>”</code> — name of a random guild (<code>/ru</code>)* <code>“<code>%random_skillrandom_town%</code>”</code> — the name of some random skill (<code>/rs</code>)town* <code>%random_itemrandom_hero%</code> — the name of some random artifact name (<code>/ri</code>){{hero or heroine|or=y}} nearby* <code>%random_questrandom_monster%</code> — a the name of some random quest (<code>/rq</code>)monster* <code>%random_towna_random_monster%</code> — a name of some random town (<code>/rt</code>)monster with the correct article* <code>%random_heroquest%</code> — on getting a new quest, the quest the name of some random {{hero nearby (<code>/rh</code>)or heroine}} is being given * <code>%random_monsterskill%</code> — the name of some random monster (<code>/rm</code>)skill being used in the entry
====Dungeon Variables====* <code>%boss%</code> — boss-monster (<code>/bo</code>)* <code>%dir%</code> — direction (<code>/di</code>)::In a "Heroes move to" entry, this variable is replaced with a compass direction of either north, south, east, or west. In a "Treasure hint" entry, it may also become northwest, southwest, northeast, or southeast. In an "Available directions" entry, this variable may be just one direction (north, south, east, or west) or a list with "and" (e.g., "north, east, and south") if there is more than one exit. Dungeons also use the following variables when referring to heroes and heroines:* <code>%attacker%</code> — name of the hero active on this turn (the one who got treasure, triggered a trap, etc) (<code>/at</code>)* <code>“<code>%attacker_motto%</code>”</code> — motto of the active hero* <code>%attacker_godname%</code> — god of the active hero (<code>/ag</code>)* <code>%random_attacker%</code> — name of a random hero from the party ====Sail Variables====* <code>%monster%</code> — name of a [[beastie]] (<code>/mo</code>)* <code>%attacker%</code> — name of the active sailor in the phrase (<code>/at</code>)* <code>%attacker_godname%</code> — name of the god or goddess acting in the phrase, or of the active sailor (<code>/ag</code>) ====Quest Variables====* <code>%town_name%</code> — for [[Mini-quests#Guild Mini-quests|guild mini-quests]], the name of the town where the mini-quest was issued ====If you Need a Variable Not on this ListThat Doesn't Exist====* <code>%v%</code> — a generic placeholder variable for something that is not in this list normally available for the entry (make sure to describe what your variable does in the comment section)
====Where Variables Don't Work====
None of these variables will work in entries for monsters, artifacts, or equipment. Quest special ending entries can only take <code>hero{|ine} </code> and <code>god{|||dess} </code> gender inflections. [[Mini-quests#Guild Mini-quests|Guild mini-quests]] can use <code>%town_name%</code> for the town granting the quest, but otherwise quest names cannot use any variables.
===Submitting Dungeon Phrases===
===Submitting Newspaper Phrases===
{{Main|Godville Times}}
The contents of the [[Godville Times]] are submitted into the Ideabox much like any other content, but and are not now available to be voted on by players, nor as well as seen and improved by ER editors. When submitting an idea for the newspaper, be sure that <ref>{{Cite blog|132|auto}} announced the introduction of Newspaper idea is ready to be put into the paper immediately as-is: proofread it yourself, and make sure it reads well before submittingvoting in February 2020. </ref> Ideas for entirely new sections or major changes should be submitted as "awesome ideas".
Newspaper idea submissions also need to specify what section of the newspaper they're intended for. This might be for almost any named section of the [[Godville Times|Times]], with the exception of "Game News" and "Forum News", which are generated from the {{cite blog}} and [ Forums] respectively, and the [[Bingo]], [[Crossword]], "Market Quotes" and "Guild popularity in..." sections, which are generated daily by the game. Along with the named sections, there are two additional categories for which you can submit ideas. The names used for these first two categories differ between players, but use any wording from here and your intention will be understood.
;By-line, Byline, or MastheadHeader
:These are the three short phrases that appear under the words ''Godville Times'' in the paper's header each day. Submissions must be ''very'' short, and support no variables.
;Copyright, or DisclaimerFootnote
:These are the block of sentences that appear in the paper's footer. Good submissions for this section are single short sentences.
;Front PageForecast:Though the content Phrases can be submitted for this section is drawn from any of the GodWiki, players can submit ideas possible [[Daily Forecast]] forecasts. Ideas for what new forecast types should be featured, along with the summary text to display from the articlesubmitted as "Awesome ideas".
;Daily ForecastIdeabox News:Phrases Short and sweet phrases for one of the three things which appear here daily. Use <code>%v%</code> for the number in the first phrase, and <code>%god_name%</code> for the god name in the others. ;Broken News and Ads:These sections often use the <code>%random_<var>thing</var>%</code> and <code>%some_<var>thing</var>%</code> variables to add variety and reduce repetition. They have no game impact, and can be submitted get away with saying pretty much anything funny. ;Wanted Monster:Ideas for the text appearing under the '''Wanted''' section. Text for any this section must include one of <code>%mod_name%</code> or <code>%a_mod_name%</code>, and generally also includes <code>%mod_reward</code>. ;Wanted Artifact:Ideas for the text appearing under the possible '''Buy and Sell''' section, highlighting artifacts that are highly sought after today. Text for this section must contain either the <code>%aod_name%</code> or <code>%an_aod_name%</code> variables, and generally also includes <code>%aod_reward%</code>. Since [[Daily Forecasthero-trader]] forecasts. Ideas s can be featured here, <code>%hero_name%</code> and <code>“<code>%shop_name%</code>”</code> (or similar) can be used for new forecast types should be submitted as hero-trader "Awesome ideasBuy and Sell"phrases. (Note: At time of writing, these variables are not supported in ER, and must be replaced with %v%.)
;Famous Heroes and Guild Spotlight
:Ideas can be submitted for these sections for the two forms of phrase used. One form is the multi-sentence description of the hero/guild and its game features (pantheon position, controlling god, number of members, etc). Use dummy variables for clarity. (See first example.) The second phrase type is the funny description at the end, usually a single sentence. Some variables (as well as {him|her} or and {him|||her} gender inflections) will be are supported here. (See second example.)
{{pre|'''First example'''
Guild Spotlight(Start): %guild_name% is a bunch of heroes and heroines occupying %position% place in the pantheon of %pantheon%. Rumor says there are about %member_count% of them. Veterans in this guild call themselves “%high_rank_title%”. All time favorite of this guild is %guild_totem%.
'''Second example'''
Famous Heroes: H{is|er} dream is to master the “%random_skill%” skill and then offer lessons in exchange for gold bricks.}}
;Buy and SellOther:Any other content. This section highlights artifacts that are highly sought after today. As such, category is used for submissions here should contain either for the <code>%artifact%</code> or <code>%artifact_base%</code> variable, or they probably belong in another section'''Front Page'''. Content in this Though the content for these section also uses many of is drawn from the <code>%random_<var>thing</var>%</code> and <code>%some_<var>thing</var>%</code> variables. Since [[hero-trader]]s GodWiki, players can submit ideas for what should be featured here, <code>%hero_name%</code> and the dummy variable <code>“<code>%shop_name%</code>”</code> (or similar) can be used for hero-trader "Buy and Sell" phrases. ;Ads, and Breaking News:These sections often use along with the <code>%random_<var>thing</var>%</code> and <code>%some_<var>thing</var>%</code> variables summary text to add variety and reduce repetition. They have no game impact, and can get away with saying pretty much anything funny. ;Ideabox News:Short and sweet phrases for one of the three things which appear here daily. Use <code>%v%</code> for the number in the first phrase, and <code>%god_name%</code> for the god name in display from the othersarticle.
==Ideabox (Voting)==
The New Content section of the Ideabox (Voting) proudly presents players' ideas that the Godville Administrator has received through the Ideabox (Submission). Votes by Gods help process new items faster. If a god thinks that an idea is appropriate, witty, and will make Godville better, the god should vote it up by clicking the + symbol. If a god believes the idea should not be added to the game, the god should vote it down by pressing the - symbol. If an idea is very similar to something that is already in the game, a god should vote it as a "dupe." Gods should not pay attention to typos and minor errors because the Godville Administrator will fix those later if the idea gets accepted.
There are nine ten types of new ideabox (voting) content:
*'''Diary''': This section includes diary phrases (written in first person and past tense; must be appropriate for the hero's intelligence).
*'''Equipment''': Here you can see newly proposed equipment and outfits for heroes.
*'''Newspaper''': Here you can see newly proposed content for the [[Godville Times]].
* The '''flag''' to the right of the idea to '''flag it as inappropriate''' content (requires an IQ of at least 10).
(Note: the introduction of the "dupe" and "flag" options is designed to provide authors better feedback, so that they have a better idea as to why an idea was voted down.)<ref name="blog50">{{cite blog|50|auto}}</ref>
Voting starts with the first-tier community voting process. People may vote on a certain idea for a limited amount of time. This '''voting session''' ends once 24 hours have passed since the idea has entered the queue. Depending on the type of idea, if it gets a certain percentage of votes it gets moved into the Enhancement Room (ER) – a special place where designated community members are able to review it more carefully and possibly enhance it by adding some finishing touches (see below for the detailed process). ER voting and enhancement also lasts 24 hours. After that, each idea which went through ER is added to the '''review queue''' to eventually be reviewed by an admin, regardless of its final number of yes and no votes. If it is added to the game, you will gain IQ points, and a '''contribution point''' in the [[Pantheon of gratitude]].
==The Enhancement Room (ER)==
{{Main|Enhancement Room}}
The ER is a special place for proven Godville community members to tweak and enhance the most promising content submissions that have passed through the first round of voting. It is aimed at drastically shortening the time required to get good and great ideas into the game. Hopefully, further careful reviews and the ability to tweak ideas into a ready-to-add form will shorten the review queue and speed up the whole process for both players and authors!<ref>{{Cite blog|50|Ideabox 2.0}} announced the introduction of the Enhancement Room.</ref>
===ER process===
If an idea gets enough upvotes (60% for diary, 50% for earthly news, 30% for monsters, 40% for other) in the first-tier community voting process, it gets moved into the ER. Each ER review lasts 24 hours. During the process each player eligible for ER access can do the following:
* Mark an idea as “ready” for the game – this should be used if the idea (or its variant) is already awesome and should be added into the game in its current form without any further changes (make sure to read the confirmation popup message with examples of how this submission will actually look in the game).
* If an idea is not interesting or not worth improving, it’s better to just ignore it. It will disappear automatically 24 hours after reaching the ER.
====Editing your own ideas====While it is technically possible to submit corrections on your own idea in the ideabox, it is heavily frowned upon.* All authors and writers, regardless of experience and skill, benefit from the work of editors. It is difficult beyond reason to critically read your own work, and very easy to be blind to your own mistakes. Allow other sets of eyes to do that work.* ''Of course'' you think your idea should be in the game. You wouldn't have submitted it otherwise. But the content in the game is seen by everyone, and so many opinions are needed. While you can submit corrections on your own ideas, you can never vote for them. Furthermore, any corrections on your own ideas will appear in bold text, to ensure others know it hasn't been done by another editor. Comments on your own ideas are less problematic, especially when in response to another editor's comment (or compliment), and will also appear in bold. Remember to always be polite, even if you don't agree with a correction to your idea. ====News and Phrase Types====Those with What happens after ER access must categorize Earthly News, Diary, Duels, and Dungeons ideas before submission. Below are the possible categories: =====Diary=====*Random Occurrences**while travelling **during a fight with a monster**while hero is dead**while healing**while trading**while resting**while sleeping**while praying**during temple construction**while waiting for an arena opponent**for a hero-trader*Events**on meeting a strong monster**on fleeing from the monster**on death from the monster**on defeating the monster**on loss of the artifact**on resurrection**on turning back to town (to heal)**on turning back to town (to sell)**on spending gold in a town**on donation/sacrifice while praying in town**on selling of an expensive artifact**on finishing selling off loot**on getting a new quest**on depositing savings**on aura end**on arrival to town**fishing*Influence-related **voice from own god**voice from some other god**response to a god voice**encourage influence response**punish influence response**miracle influence response**guild miracle in town**making a brick with an influence**ignoring the god voice*Others**other =====Earthly News?=====*Random Occurrences**when travelling**when healing**when resting in town**during temple construction**when selling loot**waiting for arena/dungeon/sail**when waiting for resurrection**when praying**when fishing*Monster Fight**when meeting a monster**when fighting a monster**when hitting the monster**when hit by the monster**when defeating a monster**when fleeing from a fight*Transportation**"Searching for the right path via…"**"Through the mires and wamps…"**When returning to town*Others**remote control action response**searching for the hero**hero-trader: waiting**hero-trader: selling**other =====Duels=====*Fight Log**hero hit**hero miss**use of a skill**random phrase**boss hit**boss miss**duel end**duel start**other *Influences**encourage**punish**miracle**god voice**reaction to god voice =====Dungeons=====*Rooms**empty room**hint room**trap room**bonus room*Directions**available directions**heroes move to*Events**descend into dungeon**boss nearby hint**boss encounter**treasure room**rare random event**other*Influences**encourage**punish**miracle**god voice =====Sail=====*Islands**empty island**food supplies**ark repair**pray shrine**booty hint**lighthouse*Beasties**appear**death no loot**death with loot*Pirating**battle start**battle end**battle flee*Influence**encourage**punish**miracle**god voice*Others**sail start**sail end**booty/manimal/fenimal**vortex**other =====Quests, Monsters, Artifacts and Equipment===== The '''Quests, Monsters''' and '''Artifacts''' sections have no categories for ER reviewers to file ideas. Corrections and comments can be submitted as usual, though. The '''Equipment''' section allows reviewers to change the type of equipment between the categories available for submission (changing an ''amulet'' idea from '''Head''' to '''Talisman''', for example).
====Diary Advice====
Occasionally advice will appear when enhancing a diary entry. Possible advice phrases are:
*Can it be written shorter?
*Can it be written with fewer sentences?
*Can the exclamation mark be removed?
*Is appealing to god really necessary?
*Phrase's ending is weird.
*Text should be shortened
====Ready Criteria====
Before marking an idea as "ready", Gods with ER access are instructed "Don't vote up the idea if [it] doesn't meet all requirements!" Requirements for the various submissions are as follows:
For '''Diary, Earthly News, Duels, Dungeons,''' and '''Sail,''' Gods are given examples to make sure the submitted phrase:
# is very good and reads well
# is grammatically correct
# reads well for both male and female heroes
# looks good with all variables (if any)
For '''Quests,''' Gods are given examples to make sure the submitted phrase:
# is a good quest for Godville's heroes
# [is] not too easy (e.g open your eyes)
# [is] not too hard (e.g. turn the world around)
# [is] grammatically correct and sounds right in the game's phrases
For '''Monsters,''' Gods are given examples to make sure the monster:
# is insanely good
# is grammatically correct and sounds right in the game's phrases
# has a name that starts with a capital letter.
For '''Artifacts,''' Gods are given examples to make sure the artifact:
# is insanely good
# is grammatically correct and sounds right in the game's phrases
# has no article in its name
# starts with a lowercase letter.
For '''Equipment,''' Gods are given examples to make sure the piece of equipment:
# is very good
# starts with a lowercase letter
# is grammatically correct and looks nice and sounds right in the game's phrases
===What happens after ER?===
After 24 hours of ER review, an idea is moved to '''idea purgatory''' (also known as the '''review queue'''), where it will wait for the final decision from the Godville devs. Remember that the devs have the final say — an idea could have an amazing ratio of yes/no votes, a high number of ER votes, etc and still not appeal to the developers. Or it could have barely squeaked by into ER and get into the game. Eventually, the devs will either approve or reject the idea, at which point this will be reflected in both your ingenious ideas and approved submissions (if any were in fact approved).
===A few tips for ER reviewers===
* Please offer a correction (or vote) only if you strongly like the idea and really want to see it added into the game.
* All good ideas that you vote as “ready” should be in the form that allows for fast addition into the game without any corrections from the developers (e.g. monster names should start with a capital letter and be gender-neutral, etc). The requirements for a given ideabox section can be found at the top of the page and in the confirmation popup message when you vote/correct the idea in the ER. Please pay attention to the confirmation message, as it greatly improves chances for a good idea to actually get into the game.
* As an addendum, please make sure your corrections not only follow the guidelines but have proper spelling and grammar. ER is there to enhance ideas and remove errors, not to add them!
* Don’t try to fix every single submission or get maximum out of it, especially if you didn’t really like the original variant in first place. Turning an idea into something completely different and unrelated is not the purpose of the ER.
* Remember, the goal is not to increase the overall idea acceptance rate close to 100%. The goal of the ER is to find good and promising ideas among all of the submissions and quickly get them into the game (while crediting their authors).
* %gold% as a variable will show up as %gold% in the preview — don't change it to %v%. It will appear in the game as '# gold coins'. If a variable is unsupported you will get an error message stating so.
==Admin Idea Review Process==
* '''-7''' points to the idea’s author if the idea was reported as offensive/inappropriate and this report was approved as a valid one (on the other hand, false reports may lead to a decrease of the IQ points for the reportee)
* '''-5x''' points (''x'' varies depending on the extremity of a case) to the offender, if the Ideabox or ER are used for reasons not directly related to improving content submissions (e.g. chat, flood, guild wars, etc). Unlike gratitude points, IQ points can and will be subtracted without prior notice if one tries to somehow game the system (e.g. by upvoting ideas based on their authors and not their content).
In the event that the Godville Administrators permanently disable a player's ideabox access in cases where that player's "behavior in the Ideabox causes more harm than good to the game (random or spammy voting to get praying bonus, etc)", their IQ points will be set to -20.<ref>{{cite forum|1601|1290553|author=Godville}}</ref>
'''Note''': To establish a baseline, at the time of ER establishment, IQ points for all players were set based on their prior accomplishments (+7 points for every approved content idea, +1 point for every approved correction).
* '''L''' = The [[Levels|level]] of your hero
* '''G''' = The number of [[pantheon of gratitude|gratitude points]] you have
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