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: ...But, all that being said I agree that Guidelines updates wouldn't make sense as an "event" in the JanuWiki mold, where we try to solicit come-one-come-all participation from as many users as possible. Heck, they may not be a very good fit for any sort of organized "group effort" at all — our best bet may be for someone to eventually just dive in and start making [[wikipedia:WP:BOLD|Bold]] changes to define an updated, improved structure for the content. Even if they only update a single Guideline article, once there's an example to work off of, other editors can pitch in to apply the same changes to the rest of the Guidelines. (That sort of example-based, follow-the-leader model is how ''most'' content-wide changes propagate here, really. Djonni created the {{tlx|hero or heroine}} template set, but he's responsible for only a handful of edits that applied those templates to article content.) -- [[User:FeRDNYC|FeRDNYC]] ([[User talk:FeRDNYC|talk]]) 14:43, 27 March 2019 (UTC)
== The template you didn't know you needed ==
Added a new {{tlx|Top}} template to the GodWiki. This add a floating "Back to the top" button to, well, get back to the top of the page in a single click. Useful for very long page I'd say, like [[SummerWiki 2019]] or the [[GodWiki's Lore Compendium]].
What do you think about it? --[[User:WardPhoenix|WardPhoenix]] ([[User talk:WardPhoenix|talk]]) 14:04, 3 June 2019 (UTC)
:: '''++''' -- [[User:S624|S624]] ([[User talk:S624|talk]]) 16:32, 3 June 2019 (UTC)

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