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Vengeful Mole

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Tired of endless hordes of heroes constantly disturbing their home-lands by digging for gold and treasure on command from their Gods, the '''Vengeful Mole''', a fiercely territorial and disgruntled creature, decided to take matters into its own claws and teach heroes a lesson before they have a chance to smash its home yet again. And it's vengeful. Obviously.
== General Information ==
Unfortunately , heroes are dumb and don't tend to learn lessons well , so the ''Vengeful Mole '' is now locked in a near constant pattern of laying traps for heroes and eviscerating them in a blind rage with its razor sharp digging claws as and when they blunder into them. Crazy heroes.
As a pet, the Vengeful Mole is very helpful in [[dungeons]] because it lets heroes and the team know of nearby points of interest (similar to the dungeon of clarity). It is a great pet to have.
Do not, at all costs, encourage your hero to mess with a ''Vengeful Mole''. It will not end well for your hero or the mole.

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