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GodWiki's Lore Compendium

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Godville Bureaucracy: Addition to the bureaucracy as part of a SummerWiki2019 article workup.
* '''Godville Bank''' has gone through so many cycles of privatization and nationalization that nobody knows quite whether it's governmental or corporate, anymore. Least of all the heroes and heroines who store their retirement gold there.
* '''Godville Port Authority''' is the body overseeing the sailing ventures {{heroes or heroines | invert = y}} are able to engage in. The bureaucrats here are responsible for ensuring that the right amount of sailors are despatched to each area of ocean and that they are aware of the current sailing conditions. The all-important towing and rescue services for when the inevitable catastrophes happen are also administered from here. This office is largely self-funding from the salvage of treasure from arks succumbing to the aforementioned catastrophes.
===In Simpletown===
We don't know how this place works (or even if it does). Perhaps someone on GodWiki who visits there will tell us.

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