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GodWiki's Lore Compendium

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In Unsettlement
** Harper, Lexie. ''Whether the Weather be Wet or Dry.'' Unsettlement Printing Press. Unsettlement. -- A further expansion for experts on the science of feline meteorology.
** Assorted Authors, ''It Was a Dark and Bureaucratic Night: Collected Stories of the Godville Diplomatic Corps.'' Unsettlement Printing Press. Unsettlement. -- A frequently updated and reissued anthology of diplomatic anecdotes from ambassadors and cultural attaches working in either the central Godville Diplomatic Corps or in the consular outpost in Unsettlement.
** Plainspoken, Leslie. ''The Plainspoken Guide to Godville Travel.''' Unsettlement. --Not much is recorded about Leslie Plainspoken, but this guide is considered one of the most comprehensive tourist evaluations of the towns of Godville.
===In Trollbridge===
None noted yet. Maybe a GodWiki traveler will find some, soon.

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