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[[File:Boss in chair.jpg|frameless|center]]{{clear}}'''Boss-Monsters''' are [[monsters]] that are a little different from the everyday monsters a hero often encounters. They are a little bit bigger and usually have a fearsome mustache — sometimes with handlebars, oh my!
All of this is obviously in accordance with the first rule of computer games: there must be a boss at the end otherwise players won't feel like they've accomplished something. As this rule contradicts a few of the other rules (such as rules 4, 7 and 4 + 7i), it was not at first obeyed in the land of Godville, but eventually someone waved a magic wand and many heroes' heads suddenly exploded and the bloody residues formed the basis of these new boss-monsters (conservation of mass and energy in action). Information regarding the species of these creatures is not currently available on the Godwiki due to the restriction of hazardous substances. However, it is known that some [[monsters]] may only be encountered as boss-monsters. The minimum health of a boss-monster is about 180 hit points.

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