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SummerWiki 2019

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Opening Words
'''''Please read the whole Introduction before starting up. If you have already read all of this, you can jump to the [[SummerWiki_2019#List_of_Subjects|List of subjects]].'''''
==Temporary Provisional Dates==
The event is planned to start on : 15th June 2019 (at the latest) :*''Opening of the List of Subject'' The event is planned to close on : 15th August 2019:*''Acceptance of entries past this date is at reviewers' discretion''* ''Nominations for the Golden Brick Side Job during the week'' Voting time: 22nd August 2019?*''Opening of the poll for the Golden Brick''*''Deliberation on others Side Jobs meanwhile'' Closure Words : 31 August 2019 (When judging deliberating is done!)* ''Final results will be displayed''
==Opening Words==
'''Summer is here!''' For most of the Gods and Goddesses in the north hemisphere, the incomming months will often rhymes with sea and sun! The perfect moment to bring a lot of articles to life so they can also benefit from the gentle breeze of the sea and the shiny sun.
Which lead us to '''SummerWiki 2019 : "Sea, Beasties and Other Questing!"''', an event organised by players for players to encourage and celebrate creativity on the GodWiki! The principles of SummerWiki 2019 are the '''[[Rules|principles]]''' of the GodWiki in general.
*Fourth : 8charges
*Fifth : 4 charges
This category is limited to one article rewarded by writer.

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