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SummerWiki 2019

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:You can see what changes have been made to any page on the "History" tab. Our volunteer editors will try to leave edit summaries in the page history, and will also leave a summary of what they've done at [[Help:Requests]]. It's a good idea to keep an eye on the Talk: page associated with the article you've requested help with, in case there's something the volunteer editor wants to ask or discuss.
'''How can I help in the event?'''
:If you'd like to join our team of volunteer editors, who look over and give a polish to all completed content, keep the information on this page up-to-date, and just generally help out around the place, head over to the [[Talk:SummerWiki 2019|Talk page]] page and take a look at what happens there. It isn't essential that you understand how the wiki works, just that you have a desire to make our creators' content really shine, and want to learn what you don't know.

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