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SummerWiki 2019

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'''How can I help in the event?'''
:If you'd like to join our team of volunteer editors, who look over and give a polish to all completed content, keep the information on this page up-to-date, and just generally help out around the place, head over to the [[Talk:SummerWiki 2019|Talk page]] page and take a look at what happens there. It isn't essential that you understand how the wiki works, just that you have a desire to make our creators' content really shine, and want to learn what you don't know.
:You could also list yourself as a volunteer editor on the [[Help:Requests]] page, which would mean people might contact you for help with the wiki or with their article, and you might be assigned an article to proofread and give a final thumbs up to.
='''List of Subjects'''=

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