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Palm of the panda

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[[Image:{{skill|image=Panda_and_Palm.jpg|frame|nonetype=Combat|description=Deadly weapon for a panda.]]}}
The '''Palm of the Panda''' is one of the combat skills that can be learned once a [[hero]] reaches level 15. Despite the gentle nature of the panda, this is a fearsome skill to possess.
Careful application of this skill may have one of the following effects:
*large paw-like imprint on target,
*complete obliteration of target (if mastered), or
*a powerful gust of wind emanates after a short awkward delay.
== Skill Type: Combat ==The Palm of the Panda has many rumors about it. One famous one is if you eat dumplings, your power would go up. If you eat too many dumplings, however, you explode. Many have tried, but so far most [[heroes]] have exploded, so it is not proven.
[[File:Pipiwai_Trail_Bamboo_forest.jpeg|thumb|Legendary birthplace of the Palm of the Panda.]]
Ancient folklore states how ''Palm of the panda is one Panda'' was created when a young but very impulsive [[hero]] decided to chop down a forest of bamboo, a whole army of pandas came and attacked him. These special pandas used a very strange move, and instead of clawing, used their palms to strike. It was very effective, and the combat skills [[hero]] (after running away) was very inspired. He practiced and improvised until he had created an attack that can be learned once you reach level 15was very like what the pandas had so successfully used on him, thus creating the ''Palm of the Panda''.
=== Skill 1 === applying One drawback of this power is that it makes the “palm of user voraciously hungry, and even if the panda” skillhero eats everything in sight, Azloki manages to tear off he is hungry again in a piece half hour. This side effect is partly responsible for the many dumpling-related explosion incidents common among ''Palm of the enemy’s health bar and stick it to his ownPanda'' users[[Category:Skills]] [[Category:Combat skills]]

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