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Add notice about Template:Navbox list deprecation
{{Sign| width=100| title =<span style="font-size: 1.1rem">{{tlx|Navbox list}} is deprecated — use {{tlx|Navbox items}}</span>|text=Even though most of the examples here still use {{tlx|Navbox list}}, it is considered '''deprecated''' in favor of {{tlx|Navbox items}}, which offers several improvements. Primarily, {{tlx|Navbox items}} '''autolinks by default''', making it easier to build simple lists (the majority of cases). (Disable with {{tlx|Navbox items|mode{{=}}nolink}}.) So, for example...<dl> <dt>OLD:</dt><dd><code><nowiki>{{Navbox list| [[Thing 1]] | [[Thing 2]] | [[Thing 3]] }}</nowiki></code></dd><dt>NEW:</dt><dd><code><nowiki>{{Navbox items | Thing 1 | Thing 2 | Thing 3 }}</nowiki></code>, or<br><code><nowiki>{{Navbox items | mode= nolink | [[Thing 1|One]] | [[Thing 2|Two]]}}</nowiki></code></dd></dl>|outerbordercolor=f00 |bordercolor=f00 |image-align=top}}
{{Navbox suite}}
{{tl|Navbox}} is a meta-template intended to provide an easy framework to quickly create consistent, attractive, and easily editted navboxes for use on the GodWiki. It should not be used directly on a page (since no navbox is useful on just one page), but is used to create the navbox templates for transclusion into a collection of closely related pages.

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