Sophawa's Formula

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GodSophawa (U • C • T)  formula is a simpler formula to calculate the time remaining until a hero's temple is completed.

To calculate the time remaining to complete a temple, use this formula:

T = [ (100 * A ) / P ] - A


  • T is the time remaining to complete the temple.
  • A is the age of the hero. If the age is in days, the result will be in days (and so on).
  • P is the percentage of the temple that is complete (in numerical form). For example, 78.3% would be 78.3.

This formula does not factor in arena duels. This means that it does not have to worry about skirmishes, although it has these problems:

  • It makes the assumption that the brick-gathering rate is consistent.
  • It makes the assumption that the age is exact

As these are impossible to overcome without lots of data-gathering, it is best to take the result with a pinch of salt. The formula is difficult to error, and as of yet, no-one has spotted any problems apart from the fact that it doesn't factor in much. Brick gain by arena duels and random events are viewed as equally random and constant figures in this formula, so it is best here to just lump them into one figure instead of lots of factors. The formula implies that brick gain by different means do not affect the overall brick-rate, such as a 3-month-old hero who gained 50% of 100 bricks from the Arena does not have a different brick-rate than a hero who gained 100% of bricks from the Arena or 0% from the Arena, provided that the amount of bricks and the age are the same. Also, complicated formulas with multiple factors are likely to be errored.