Somersault through the navel

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Type: Combat skill

Somersault through the navel is a combat skill. The hero leaps at the enemy's stomach while reaching in front of them. When they touch, the hero forces their hands inside and then moves them suddenly apart, causing serious damage. Then the hero finishes by hitting the floor and rolling forwards.


Level 1-5

The monster will laugh at your hero if they attempt to use the skill at this level, making fun of his or her "innie" or "outie" belly-button.

Level 6-10

Your hero can successfully locate the monster's navel at this level of skill, but is not able to deal any actual damage.

Level 11-20

Your hero is able to do a cartwheel around the monster, making it dizzy for a second or two.

Level 21+

Your hero will leap at the enemy's stomach - and once he or she touches it, will begin to spin through it by spreading their hands apart while forcing the monster ever closer. This will seriously damage the monster, causing it to double over in pain and agony making it easier to kill. The hero finishes this move by hitting the floor and rolling forwards, usually with a smile on their face.