Social Parasite

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Monsters of Godville
Social Parasite
Curculio socialis
This parasite has been exposed.
Class Parasite
Habitat Wherever you want.
Description Whoever you want to see.

The Social Parasite (Curculio socialis) is a devious shapeshifter that longs to feed from your paladin.

Do you know me?

The Social Parasite could be posing as anyone your hero/ine has ever met or could meet. It could dress, walk and speak as a friend; the social parasite could impersonate admirers, traders or even bartenders.

This monsters will go through any trouble necessary to gain the trust of your minion, waiting until it can drink the blood of its host. Social Parasites will approach heroe/ines while traveling and stick around. They will try many tricks to let the hero/ine's guard down, drinking for old time's sake (any reason to drink will work), going to sleep in the forests, etc.

Any adventurer could fall prey to this monster's hideous tactics, but true heroes can expose them with the holiest thing they know, beer.

The golden elixir

If there is one thing Social Parasites hate with their whole empty heart, that is beer. Ironically, it's the drink both shapeshifters and hero die for. Heroes are likely to force parasites into drinking it.

The monsters will react aggressively to booze and revel themselves as impostors, then the hero/ines will proceed to fight them.