Smashing Pumpkin

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Monsters of Godville
Smashing Pumpkin
Smashing Pumpkin.jpg
Class Squash
Habitat Rock concert stages
Description A pumpkin that smashes

The Smashing Pumpkin is a pumpkin shaped monster which smashes his opponent by jumping on him.

It is bald as well, used to have a nice haircut and scream "despite all my rage im still afraid of rats". He is strong but dumb, and easily distracted by water and terrified of knifes, ovens, family members, candles and worms. The Smashing Pumpkin carries his gold inside of him, and it make him slower and heavier- almost as heavy as the sucsses of his album: "brother from same bush dreams". Talking in the voice of Billy Corgan and clasims it had an uneasy childhood. Its motto:" today is the greatest"(depressive music in the background, heavy guitars).