Smack of the bribe

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Skills of Godville
Smack of the bribe
"Take this, and now take this..."
Type ⚔️Combat
Description Unknown

The victim of the Smack of the bribe skill will believe that you hold their darkest of secrets, and will gladly hand over all gold and loot to keep you quiet. The hero takes pity but unwilling to let all that experience get away, he sneaks in a powerful smack to the head as the poor enemy reaches for its purse.

A tougher enemy may resist physical damage, but a cheap illusion can finish it off. The hero waves what the enemy believes to be its compromising personal pictures at random passersby inducing death by mortification.


Level 1-10

  • At lower levels, this skill induces a bladder-trembling fear in one's opponent, making them pee their pants in terror that their guilty little secret will be exposed.
  • The wielder of Smack of the Bribe should be able to also extract all of the contents of the opponents pockets, including gold coins, safety pins, old band-aids and pocket knives.

Level 11-20

  • An advanced user of this skill will now be able to strike terror into an enemy and make them fear that the innermost thoughts are flashing above their head like a neon sign. Panic ensues. The opponent flees.
  • Those who use this skill to its full advantage will also be able to take home all of the opponent's belongings, including valuables, backpack, weapons, clothes and pack-horses.

Level 21-30

  • An adept of Smack of the Bribe should now be able to, with a knowing grin and flick of an eyebrow, delve deep into an enemy's mind and plant the most torturous suggestions of guilt and animal fear. One's enemy will be forced back to their early childhood of being smacked by nanny and made to stand in a corner. No mortal can stand such a punishment.
  • About here, the user of this skill will then take great pity on the enemy, give it a pat on the shoulder, whisper "there there, it's alright now", and encourage them that their secret is safe, but just to be sure, maybe you had better hurry home and bring me all those gold coins in the trunk under your bed.