Sir Vente

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Sir Vente
Serenading Bard.jpg
Champion of the God: Naun
Personality: Loads of it
Gender: Male
Level: 55
Motto: You want me to do WHAT?!
Guild: Emerald Sky
Guild Rank: Patriarch
Guild Position: Self proclaimed Music Coordinator and guild note runner
Wins / Losses: 0 / 0
Temple Completion Date: May 12, 2015
Favorite Town: Herowin
Largest Ever Gold: 26,350
Most Hated Monster: Fnord
Personal Rival: Naun

Sir Vente hails from the world of Andara. Specifically from a little village known as Balandor. It is unknown why, or even HOW he arrived in Godville, but he is roaming the land in search of answers. Thus far he's found a pocket full o' lint, a GemStone of III, and a bar maid that won't return his calls (for help). If you have any idea, be sure to leave a note down at the local brew pub... Or by flail mail.

Currently, as a side gig, Sir Vente is collecting gopher wood for his appointed god - hey wait, that's me! He's doing an excellent job, I might add.

        - [ The end... for now. Or... now. ] -