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Monsters of Godville
Singing shark
Class Shark
Habitat Ocean
Death Rattle I'm a SHAAARK!
Description Well versed aquatic creature with very big teeth

The Singing Shark is a melodic monster residing mainly in the oceans and waterways of Godville.

General Information

It is an ancient horror long ago evolved into countless varieties of sharks with special vocal talents. Many films and songs on the subject of the many singing shark species' have been spawned over the years. Despite appearing to be a normal Carcharodon Carcharias, the singing shark rarely eats meat and actually has evolved to live off the psychic residue of arrogance resonating from most heroes, making this shark even more deadly than its cousins.

These arrogant creatures have perfect teeth. Which they protect at all cost. This is something to keep in mind when in battle.



  • Voraciously feeds on self-esteem
  • Lots of sharp serrated teeth
  • Counter camouflage makes it nearly invisible in the water
  • Sings weird and confusing tunes
  • Fish breath


  • Underestimates prey too often
  • Helpless against harpoons
  • Tires quickly
  • Will always back down if chance of chipping a tooth.