Silly Cone Valley

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Geography of Godville
Silly Cone Valley
Fairly accurate representation.
Description All hail the cone!

The shape of dumbness

There was an ancient race of architects who roamed Godville long ago. This mysterious masons built a magnificient cone shaped library below the World's Apex. It was originally planned to assist all sentient races of Godville in their pursuit of knowledge, but everything changed when heroines came to Godville. Fearing that such a trove of wisdom may fall in the wrong hands, the builders decided to handicap the cone's AI blocking almost all its files. . The explorers of our times were left with a massive cone that knew only three words: "biscuits", "spoon" and "balls". For many years the experts disregarded the library as a silly antic brought upon Godville by some bored deity. It took many attempts and a commendable lack of awareness to unveil the secrets of the cone.

Digging up the past

Ever since a witty heroine unlocked the "purple" file of the cone, geeks and weirdos of all four corners of Godville settled around the white tooth. The connies (a self-given name) spend their time on earth trying to unleash the AI's full knowledge. Every answer they get is writ on a tablet and safely stored. Worshipping the cone, they'll get the answer to the cereal question in only six years. Some optimistic scholars even dare saying that in twenty years tops we'll know why the chicken crossed the road.

I know

Tablet 1.05

Why is the sky blue?

Blue be cause intense rays birding around us being.

Tablet 5.20

Do blind people dream?

In brain at PM, movies are not played but waves are noticed.

Tablet 8.33

What does water taste like?

Water tastes not for brain lazy. But if brain worked taste like salt and rock.

Tablet 15.27

Who are you?

I'm Xalan, a very smart box of knowledge. Always at your service.

As seen in diaries

!Hero's Diary
21:08 Silly Cone Valley always gives me chills. I think I died here once. Badly.

Territories and Landmarks
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