Shadow Hunters

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Shadow Hunters
Alignment: Netural
Gold Fund: 29230 c.u.
Date Founded: November 2010
Membership Count: ~30
Pantheon of unity Rank: 59 range
Forum Headquarters: Shadow Hunters
Guild Page: Shadow Hunters 
Data current as of 08.07.2011


Have you ever felt like someone was watching you? Or feel as if something is lurking near you in the light? It might be your shadow... But they seem very suspicious don't they? Don't you think it is unusual that they seem to disappear when there is no light, yet they are made put of dark? We are the Shadow Hunters! We fight these mysteries of the anti-light and destroy them until they are nothing but a black blob! Join us on our conquest to defeat the light blocking, black, night creating abominations!

The Shadow Hunters Battle Cry is adapted from the Blutengel hit 'Gloomy Shadows'[1] and is used to bolster moral.

Another dream will turn to dust,

I cannot change my destiny.

I am damned to fight,

Against these gloomy shadows.

I'm diving in this bloody ocean,

I'm surrounded by my fear.

No light will ever touch me,

In this world of agony.

Currently the Blutengal 'Gloomy Shadows' track is banned from being played in the Guild Town Headquarters due to it getting the Guild members over excited and causing huge amounts of damage to the Guild property. It is only recommended to be played when the Shadow Hunters members gate crash another Guilds party.


A thousand years ago, the human-angel hybrids were created and trained. They are known as the Shadow Hunters. They walk among us, unseen but ever-present, your invisible white knights.

The practices of Shadow Hunting had existed from time immemorial. Skills used were bizarre, yet the most efficient to exorcise Shadows -- the manifestations of miasma energy that plagues and distorts anything it clings to.

The Founders, that is the Hunters' Council abide the rules set down in the Gray Book; accept Hunters whose intentions didn't conflict with guild's ideological position. Because of this policy, all sorts of Hunters; from the most devout and righteous to the most abominable and evil could be a part of it.

Thus, achieving our objectives with different allegiance factions would surely bring the Council more paperwork. To avoid internal conflicts, it was decided to divide the guild into smaller semi-dependent groups, each having its own specialization and regulation. While some follow the path of evil and some that of good we all work to achieve order and defeat the chaos. Albeit all of these, the factions follow a set of general regulations given to them by the angels; Their mandate is to protect our world, our capital 'G' of Godville from the menacing Shadows.

Join us, hybrid Hunter! It seems that Godville is at the brink of destruction. What? You aren't worthy enough? Who quoted that? Take our hands by scrolling to the How to Join section. Every hero in Godville. Is worthy enough to be a Hunter.

Moral Code and Regulations

The moral code and regulations for this faction of Shadow Hunters comes directly from the Gray Book. We require that all potential members to be moderately experienced on their own, their level being no less than 12, and no greater than "over 9000!" . This way, the potential member will be able to handle solo missions with little difficulty, as well as assist with group hunts without causing a lag. Our code states that our members will assist other members to the best of their ability, as long as the help doesn't interfere with their current contract or quest, and as long as the help needed is pure and true. Good and evil is nonexistent within our faction, because as a Shadow Hunter, you will be dealing with "The Grey", the area in between. Pure intentions can be defined as true to the soul, or as "the right thing to do". If there is ever a debate as to wether the intentions are pure, a Campfire Council will be held to discuss. Since we deal with shadows, and Shadows, it is required to remain civil to every member, regardless of each others differences. The Shadow Hunters banned open fighting after the Assassination Wars of 12 A.D., when Plebias Shadowhunter disagreed with Momnian Shadowhunter about the color of the banners in the guild hall. If a dispute can not be solved between the two parties, a Campfire Council will be called.

Guild Structure

Formal Hierarchy

It is in many ways similar to the normal Godville rank system, but has adjustments for Shadow Hunters guild.

Esquire or Apprentice Hunter (= regular ranks of Fan/Intern/Recruit/Follower)
Hunter, Middle Fourth Class (= Master)
Hunter, Middle Third Class (= Chief Master)
Hunter, Middle Second Class (= Advisor)
Hunter, Middle First Class (= Grand Master)
Hunter, Upper Fourth Class (= Cardinal)
Hunter, Upper Third Class (= Hierarch)
Hunter, Upper Second Class (= Patriarch)
Hunter, Upper First Class (= Regent)
The Ruler of the Universe (= Prophet)

Not taking into account mysterious “Prophet”, other ranks can be divided in three groups.

First group that includes ranks from Fan to Follower in alternative SH hierarchy consists only of apprentices (or esquires). These are junior Hunters who are on their probation period in the guild, undergoing basic training.

Second group includes ranks from Master to Grand Master and in alternative SH hierarchy corresponds to the Middle Class section that consists of regular Hunters and is (presumably) the most numerous. Heroes belonging to this group are already capable to carry out guild missions on their own or in teams, depending on the specification of the given task.

Third group includes ranks from Cardinal to Regent and in alternative SH hierarchy corresponds to the Upper Class section that consists of veteran Hunters, who are considered to be the most influential heroes of the guild.

Shadow Council

In Development...

How to Join

Willing to join Shadow Hunters? Our recruiting agents are on full alert 24/7, constantly tapping Voice of God line for messages like

Join "Shadow Hunters" guild

After receiving requests they direct heroes to the nearest enrollment office and provide them with everything needed for a swift career start as a Shadow Hunter. There are no restrictions in regard to hero levels, alignments, battle proficiency or anything else of the sort. Anyone and everyone is welcome to join and to stay as long as our regulations are treated with honor and respect. If you are not sure whether to join us or not or if we are right for you ask yourself these three important questions.

1.Are you willing to fight fear itself? 2.Do you ever wonder if there is someone watching you on the "other side" ? 3.And most important of all are you willing to contribute in the forums? "Bonus" ( you look good in black?)

If you answered yes to any of these than we are the guild for you.