Selfish Shellfish

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Beasties of Godville
Selfish Shellfish
Palaemon Narcissus
Class Narcissistic Prawn
Habitat Ocean floor
Description A selfish shellfish
Type Double-Named
Strength Level 5: 50+ HP

The Selfish Shellfish (Palaemon Narcissus) is a beastie that, as its name suggests, is very selfish. These bottom feeders are known to only think about themselves and are even known to hoard. There are even some that do not take criticism very well and will only listen to those who compliment them or kiss up to them.

General Information

The Selfish Shellfish is a special group of prawns that take arrogant to a whole new level. They act like the entire planet centers around them and trample anyone who stands in their way, which for some reason, includes heroes. Even though heroes are obviously land-based, the Selfish Shellfish see them as threats to their egos because heroes get "special treatment" from gods and goddesses. This makes the prawns afraid that the world does not center around them, and thus, heroes must be defeated at once. The success rate of these attacks on heroes varies, but some of the Selfish Shellfish have been known to brag about sinking an ark or two just so they could look good on front of the entire underwater community.

Selfish Shellfish are also known to convince other marine life to allow them to go ahead in line, refuse to do tasks that benefit others when asked, have underwater rocks carved into statues of themselves, and throw massive temper tantrums if they don't get their way. For it is known that a Selfish Shellfish is not truly a Selfish Shellfish if it isn't as spoiled and immature as it is narcissistic. They are also known to boast and brag about how great they are.

However, these egotistical prawns have an even bigger weakness than even being humbled. That is, that they are edible. In coastal cities the Selfish Shellfish are a common delicacy and are best served with cocktail sauce. Heroes who like aquatic foods like to bring special cooking stoves on their arks just so they can enjoy some freshly caught Selfish Shellfish.



  • Small and may be hard to see
  • Manipulative
  • Great survival instincts
  • Can ruin others' lives without remorse


  • Narcissism makes them overconfident
  • Being humbled
  • Common Delicacy
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