Self-propelled feet

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Skills of Godville
Self-propelled feet
Type 🏇Transport
Description Unknown

Looks like your hero has been doing some training. We all know how difficult it can be to wear all that incredibly heavy armor that protects our little bundles of joy known as heroes. Normally, heroes have to use what can only be called extraordinary means to get around, be it crutches or wheelchairs or even the unconventional hand walks, cartwheels, or slithering on their stomachs, etc. But now, all those troubles are over.

Your hero's self propelled feet allow them to walk, and eventually even run, along those dirt roads with ease thanks to his/her exceptional calf muscles. Heroes may even sprint so fast that they go by two, three, maybe even five mile markers before they can update their god on their location.


Level 1-5

Walking! Your hero, after obtaining this skill, now has the ability to WALK! Hooray!

Level 6-10

Running! Now your hero can run, which is even faster than walking!

Level 11-20

Trickier feet-inspired activities such as hopping, jumping, and jogging are now among your hero's repertoire of abilities.

Level 21+

Your hero's feet are now completely self-aware and can perform tasks such as walking, jogging, and even running while your hero slumbers!