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Skills of Godville
Type ⚔️Combat
Description Unknown

The Self-cloning is a combat skill coveted by all heroes for obvious reasons, I mean who hasn't dreamt of having a duplicate of themselves to do their bidding?


Levels 1-10

The hero begins practicing the skill near bodies of water; puddles, kiddie pools, and sometimes at the lake while fishing, in hopes of fooling a monster into lunging at his watery image. More often than not the hero ends up drowning trying to save his own reflection but at least avoids dying by the hands of his nemesis, unless of course his nemesis is himself.

Levels 11-20

The hero learns to use mirrors to create multiple images of his face thereby causing the monster to expend more energy by punching several targets instead of one. When the monster has the misfortune of breaking a mirror, the hero seizes the opportunity to tease and taunt by chanting repeatedly "seven years of bad luck!" filling the monster with panic and dread. Occasionally, the hero may also stab the monster with a shard.

Levels 21-30

The now experienced and swift hero leads chase to the nearest carnival and lures the monster into a House of Mirrors in hopes of driving him in insane in the maze of reflections.

Levels 31+

Armed with the knowledge that all heroes look alike, the hero simply runs into a large crowd leaving the enemy standing exasperated and hopelessly confused in a sea of dirty, loud, drunken idiots.