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Monsters of Godville
Class Humanoid
Habitat Crowded cities
Description Assassin/ Suicidal Killer specialized for Kamikaze attacks

The Self-Assassin is a monster.

Self-Assassins are an Assassin-type unit designed to kill or destroy something a lot bigger and more than just a single target. Hiring this type of Assassin could be really expensive, since it is absolutely rare to find any Assassins or hired Killers who are ready to risk their lives for a mission.

Self-Assassins work with perfect timing and in extremely dangerous conditions. They also have to be careful of the non-targets, and try not harm any of them. They wear timer-bombs that will explode killing them and the targets thus causing them to complete their mission.



  • Agile and strong
  • Cold blooded
  • Sometimes Berserk
  • Skilled


  • Fire Attacks (might destroy itself before nearing its target)
  • Doesn't run very fast
  • Range Attacks

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