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Monsters of Godville
Class Humanoid
Habitat Crowded cities
Description Assassin/ Suicidal Killer specialized for Kamikaze attacks

The Self-Assassin is a monster.

Self-Assassins are an Assassin-type unit designed to kill or destroy something a lot bigger and more than just a single target. Hiring this type of Assassin could be really expensive, since it is absolutely rare to find Assassins or hired Killer who are ready to risk their life for a mission.

Self-Assassins work with perfect timing and extremely dangerous condition. They also have to care of the non-targets, to not harm any of them. They destroy targets by exploding themselves through the timer-bombs that they wear before starting their missions



  • Agile and strong
  • Cold blooded
  • Sometimes Beserk
  • Skilled


  • Fire Attacks (might destroy itself before nearing its target)
  • Doesn't run pretty fast
  • Range Attacks

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