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The group known as SeeD is a group of people who absolved a special training in fighting and tactics. Well... At least they try.

SeeD was found to protect the citizens of every town in Godville from the big stupidity that is waiting outside the City Gates by trapping it in the emptiness of the members head.

To become a SeeD you have to get rid oft the silly big thing called "brain" in your head to make space for the evil stupidity.

SeeD never wanted to be well known but with nobody knowing about it , the members would not be able to fullfill their hard task...

SeeD was found by the God "Azurwolf" , along with his partners "Sylana", "Azurael", "Kayalyn", "Scuzzles" and "Layen" on the 22nd of August in the year 2016.

Rise SeeD !! And protect our poeple !!!