Security Chimera

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Not to be confused with Insecurity camera.
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Strong Monsters of Godville
Security Chimera
Chimera (1).jpg
Strong Monster
Class Chimera
Habitat This beast resides near caves where much hidden loot can be found. Weather your hero/heroine will find it is another matter.
Description A strong willed beast that is hard to train, but once trained, it makes a great guard dog.

The Security Chimera is a tamed Chimera. It functions like a security dog guarding treasures yet unknown to most heroes. With its ability for spotting heroes from milestones away due to its having an eagle attached to its body making it also able to fly and shoot fireballs; it's one hell of a hothead and should be avoided at all cost. Heroes encountering this monster have claimed to "defeat" it by playing dead, switching to stealth mode etcetera etcetera but these claims have yet to be verified.



  • Ability to spot heroes sneezing from milestones away
  • Can shoot red or invisible white fireballs


  • Toast and marshmallows
  • Curry
  • Colourblind heroes