Second-aid kit

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Artifacts of Godville
Second-aid kit
No hero should be without one!
Type 💊Healing
Description Plan B item

The Second-aid kit is one of the healing artifacts.

What is a hero to do when his first-aid kit has failed?

Buy a Second-aid kit of course! Here at Healthy Heroes, Inc. we know the dangers and difficulties only a hero goes through. Using alchemical wizardry we've assembled the best healing remedies all into one easy to carry box. These kits are especially designed with the hero in mind! Hurry into any local Godville apothecary to buy yours today!

Each Kit Includes

  • 2 flasks of Insta-Skin
  • 1 tube of Bruise-B-Gone
  • 1 bottle of All Purpose Blood Remover
  • 3 doses of Pride Repair
  • 1 tube of Anti-whitening toothpaste