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Champion of the God: EvEoMeGa
Personality: Righteous
Gender: Male
Level: 19
Motto: I don't wanna wake up!
Guild: Blue Feather
Guild Rank: Recruit
Pet Type: Rocky raccoon
Pet Name: Olwyn
Pet Level: 3
Hello, my name is Albie Schmacks. My Goddess just calls me Schmacks and you can too. Her Awesomeness decided I could have this space to record my thoughts a bit more permanently than in my diary. So far though I don't have any thoughts that I can hold onto long enough to put here....

Oh well, I guess I'll just talk about my new pet! His name is Olwyn and he's a rocky racoon. He's only 3 days old now but he's already saved my life and found artifacts for me. He's pretty great. I think I might love him. It's very scary to love isn't it? I love my Goddess but boy do I fear Her! I'm falling hopelessly in love with Olwyn too and already I'm afraid of losing him. Sure pets can be resurrected but what if he gets killed right after I waste all my gold at the tavern? I think love gives a person something to lose. Before this I had nothing at all to lose cause I'd already forgotten my entire inventory at the last roadside rest stop. I guess all I can do is pray for my special friend and hope EvEoMeGa protects him the way she protects me (most of the time).

Olwyn-My rocky raccoon. That's right, he's a ninja.