Schizophrenic Hydra

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Monsters of Godville
Schizophrenic Hydra
Class Hydra
Habitat Usually forests, but has also been sighted in caves, near lakes and very rarely, on open fields.
Description Giant multi-headed monster

The Schizophrenic Hydra is a giant and fearsome creature.


The Schizophrenic Hydra usually has at least five heads and is at least five meters tall. Compared with other hydras in Godville, the Schizophrenic Hydra is larger but has no wings.


The personality of the Schizophrenic Hydra is something that has interested many researchers in Godville. It seems that this kind of hydra has a split personality. It can rage, laugh and cry at the same time. Each head seems to think something different each moment. Most likely this is because each head has its own brain, although this is not exclusive to the Schizophrenic Hydra. Annals from long, long ago tell all kinds of different stories about the hydra. One story is that one of them destroyed a small village. The day after, the hydra helped rebuild the village. There are many more of these two-sided stories.



  • Unpredictable. One moment it wants to make friends, the next it chews on your head.
  • It is a hydra. That means that for every head you cut off, two heads will grow back.
  • It is large. There is quite a large possibility that you will get trampled.
  • There is a slight chance that his brabblings will make you mad.


  • It might hurt itself in its confusion.
  • It can't fly. It sometimes thinks it can, but it doesn't have wings.
  • They get distracted easily.
  • Sudden change of emotions.
  • People named Hercules.