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Skills of Godville
Type ⚔️Combat
Description Unknown

The Save-Load is combat skill that allows a hero save fight moves and mentally play them back at later times during other fights. The only problem is that the hero must remember to hit the mental save button and know when to press the mental load button. There is absolutely nothing a god can do to remind a hero to press save or to make a hero load.


Levels 1 - 10

Saving takes a really long time for the hero and the save button is really hard for the hero to press.

Level 11 - 20

The hero now can use this ability with almost no distraction or needing to hit the mental pause button either.

Level 21 - 30

The Hero has almost mastered Save-Load skill. The hero will remember to save more often. Monsters appear ever so slightly less threatening, but that can cause the hero to be somewhat reckless and overconfident...