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What are we all about:

We are all just big fans of gaming in general. Our guild chat is sassy and sarcastic but also very welcoming! Being a SNG means gaming is just an important factor in your life. Every genre is welcome as is every different type of gamer. Whether you play often or just occasional you will find a group of open-minded people who are just overall accepting.

No judgement here!

Alignment: Most of us are good, but of course you are also welcome as a spiteful god, as long as you are chill ;)

Storytime: Because we like a little interaction in the guild chat we had a story game ^^

Rules: Everyone adds 3-6 words to the story and that will be how it's written, here is what we got:

Once upon a time, there stood a lonely stone tower which held a terrible secret within. Nearby villagers had heard of this secret but none dare to approach it...

Except for one brave child, the son of the village blacksmith, who had a giant hammer.

He was frightened, yet determined. So he ventured forth with his loyal dog and his not so loyal pet duck, hoping to reach the tower before nightfall.

The road was dark, and creepy... the howls of wolves echoed in the distance...

Our hero trudged on, only to discover his path blocked by an enormous, gnarled tree.

The dog barked at the tree. There was something at the top of it.

"Fly, my loyal duck - go fetch" The duck glares at him for a moment then quacks nonchalantly, and somewhat nefariously, and flies to the tree's top. The duck returns to the boy with an artifact that looks like a mighty Dragon from California.

As the boy takes the dragon from the duck the Dragon gives a huff, its breathe stinking of cotton candy and popcorn from the circus. It reminds the boy of when his father was still alive and would shoe the carnival folks' dray horses.

The Dragon artifact unexpectedly starts speaking 'DUUUDE GUESS WHAT'S IN THAT TOWER...' it hisses. Startled, the boy threw the artifact at the tree and followed his way as though nothing happened.

His path soon lead him to a meadow with a single house. There was a small mailbox here.

Curious, the boy peeked into the box, finding a message with the name of: His pet duck Featherworth!

Our hero didn't know what it meant so he dropped the letter, turning towards the tower again, determined to get to his goal.

 After hours of hiking he entered the wastelands of Swindlia. This place is known for abnormally huge squirrels, giants, and plants. The boy walked very carefully, trying to avoid being seen by the big rat that makes all of the rules. But while walking he tripped over the big rat's home, alerting the big rat of his presence!

The Big Rat squeaks majestically as she approaches, doing a sick backflip before launching into her heavy light combo chain! "What brings you too my Wasteland?" She asks while attacking the boy. The boy answers "I'm just trying to reach the Tower of Not-Secret Secrets and find the secret inside it!" But the Rat didn't _understand at all what the hero said so she continued attacking until his loyal hound pounced and pinned the nefarious rat by the tail!

The boy thanked his companions. And they all went on their way into a dark and dreary forest, following the road down the river of Shy-ni. The dark forest hummed with life and was filled with giant glowing mushrooms.

Curious, the dog sniffed one and suddenly wings appeared around his back and he became able to talk trash about everybody.

The boy was shocked at realizing he can't understand what the dog said even with the mushroom. The boy uses a spell to translate the dog's trash-talking into FIREBALLS!

Soon the entire forest was ablaze but by grabbing hold of the dog's wings they flew into the air, reaching the Tower of Not-Secret Secrets, finally.

Pushing open the massive tower doors they found stairs spiraling up into darkness. The boy, dog and duck went up the stairs and found a strange door with terrifying carvings of undead ducks. Without a thought, the boy pushes the door which creaks open with a malevolent quack revealing the massive Boss Duck King!

"'re here to find the not-secret secret?" he quacked "The secret is....There is no secret!" Unwilling to believe this truth, the boy tries to attack the Boss Duck King but was stopped by Featherworth! The boy turns to Featherworth disbelievingly as his duck says "This is his home. We have intruded."

"I agree," said his dog, between fireballs. Without the backing of both his pets the boy concedes, and turns to leave when the duck king blocks the door! "Before you go, least stay for tea"

They had a lovely conversation over tea, about a little trinket that could bring peace between humanity and duckkind.

When they were done with the tea the duck king brought out the trinket and tripped over his own feet dropping it! As the trinket spun through the air the dog caught it in his mouth.

The dog understood the trinket's power and crushed it between his jaws. This action released the gnome that was inside that trinket. A sense of peace and friendship fell over the room. The gnome said "I am the Gnome of peace and pancakes. All who eat my pancakes will find peace in their hearts. But not their bowel." The Gnome began cooking pancakes, flipping them high into the air. The dog used his fireball-cussing to also cook up some bacon. This angered the local hogs but the pancakes calmed them down immediately.

Our hero thought it was a good time to ask the Gnome about giving pancakes to the entire world. And in that moment within the lonely tower the legend of IHOP was born!

The End.

Written by:

Ayrenne, Heliomaxis, TheGreatOmniscient, Emaos, Holy Primus, SerSwindly, Spli0n, Brock Stonestride, Shadows of Light, Sacredguise.

Storytime No. 2 (14 August-?? 2020)

There's a legend from the old times, in the furthest west of the world, an ancient guardian of light whose sword was missing. The guardian left to find his sword. He came across a child crying. He approached the child.

"You've startled the witch."

"She has what's mine."

The child says, "The sword is protected by a dreaded sphinx."

The witch and the sphinx once were friends but not they are cursed to be bitter enemies. It was the witch who stole the golden blade that sings, betraying the sphinx and forcing it...

Written by: Spli0n, SerSwindly, Lindinha, Rjman, Ayrenne, TheGreatOmniscient, Heliomaxis, Courtless