Salvador Dalek

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Monsters of Godville
Salvador Dalek
Alien tank
Class Alien
Habitat Dangerous places where weak people shouldn't go.
Description A warrior alien that turned against their own raze.

The Salvador Dalek (I AM A DALEK) is a monster that saves people from dangers.


These Dalek protect people for some reason. They became good at that. (When they are not too busy killing eachothers.) In fact, they became TOO good at saving people, becoming direct business enemies with heroes.

Nobody really knows why, but Salvador Dalek turned against their own kind, most of them at the same time. Even still, some people thinks this could be because of their hive mind, and that it could be related to some old tales of a Dalek that started to kill the rest of the Dalek.


It seems like Salvador Dalek can speak pretty well, but they have some favourite sentences and words, such as "I am a Dalek", "Save", "Protect" and "EXTERMINATE", usually followed by a blaster shoot.

Sometimes, they also seem to be obsessed with seeing a doctor, even though they seem perfectly sane.

They also seem unable to express things as feelings, usually replaced by saying "Exterminate", even if they doesn't shoot.



  • Great firepower
  • Always in a tank
  • Doesn't express fear


  • They attack eachothers at first sight
  • Unable to say some things.
  • They feel sick without any illness

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