Sacred Archipelago

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Sacred Archipelago was formed through an ancient, long forgotten about practice where numerous smaller islands, foot hills, and sandbars around it were all strung together, one right after the other, to form one larger land mass. The threads used have since been buried under tons of shale, rock, sand, and whatever trees could be clumped on top. This technique is very difficult, so the artisans while working on it tended to curse very often yelling to whatever God might hear them. Since the curses were never directed at the land mass itself, it began to saturate the very air around it, but somehow turned the land sacred. No one has ever been able to duplicate this phenomenon, although many have tried and failed miserably.


Southwest in the Qu'tox Ocean.

Territories and Landmarks
B-Trees Forest • Beer Bay • Blue Portal Lagoon • Brain Slugs Farm • Cave of the Weak-Witted Oracle • The Cavern of Dwarves' Glory • Cliff of Unrequited Love • Desert of Former Alkies • Divine Lake • Eastern Magmatic Plumules • Field of Special Magic • Forgotten Woods • Fountain of Youth • Graveyard of the Chosen Ones • Great Lava Desert of Trogh • Hypergiant Delta • Jagged Peaks • Lake of Maiden's Tears • Little-big pond • Lost paradise • Low Gravity Plains • Mainstream • Meadows of Eternal Tranquility • Oasis of Deadman's Hand • OnePricedWood • Passage of the Last Man Lying • Pathway of Lemmings • Plateau of Low Gravity • Platonic Woodland • Qu'tox Ocean • Radiostagnant Pits • River Amp • River Kraktor • River Stinks • Sacred Archipelago • Sleepless Hollow • Swamp of missed kamikazes • Trans-Astral Highway • Triffids' Valley • Vector Field • Wastelands of Insomnia • Watering Hole • World's Apex • Yggdrasil