SQL Error

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SQL Error
Champion of the God: Mr Chaote
Personality: Whatever is necessary
Gender: Female
Level: Varies
Motto: I'll dump you!
Guild: Varies for now
Guild Rank: Unknown
Guild Position: Over there
Wins / Losses: 0 / 0
Temple Completion Date: WIP
Favorite Town: Godville
Largest Ever Gold: 0
Most Hated Monster: Fnord
Personal Rival: Mr. Chaote

SQL Error has been around for a very long time. Much longer than you'd first think. Certainly longer than computers or computer code has existed. In fact, unbeknownest to many, the SQL language is an homage to Lady SQL Error herself. Yes, quite interesting, no?

Currently, SQL Error is roaming Godville looking for errors to encapsulate.

"That's my girl!" - Mr. Chaote