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Motto: Doctors, cirurgians, musicians, gods!
Alignment: None
Date Founded: 10/28/2015
Pantheon of unity Rank: 543
Pantheon of popularity Rank: --
Pantheon of duelery Rank: 272
Guild Page: SIAs 


  • We are a strange bunch of friends that wished to create our mark in the GodVille universe.
  • We are open hearted, and will gladly accept any kind of hero - good or evil.
  • Our members, right now, are all new to the crazyness of this game, but we will gladly help any hero who enter the guild - and we would love to receive advice too.
  • If you really wish to join our great guild, send a god voice saying Join the SIAs guild while your hero is outside a city, until the hero decides to switch quests. Remember: do not cancel your current quest first!
  • If your hero ever tries questing to another guild, we suggest that you order him/her repeatedly to cancel quest. Sometimes he/she will persist on leaving, but don't give up - cancel as much as needed!


Coming soon!


As other guilds, we fight to win, and to make our way into the duelery pantheon. Even with our lack of manpower, we are crawling our way up.

Noteworthy Members

The Former Guild Masters is composed of some of the most amazing, incredible and respectful people that will ever walk on Earth. All of them work very hard to ensure the future of our guild and the success of our kind.

Name Hero
GodGabriel Jew  Grand Master Joshua Copperman.
GodPamonha  Grand Master Cural de Milho.
GodMilho  Grand Master Deboas.
GodThe Flesh Destroyer  Grand Master Whence Fissionburn.
GodYargo  Grand Master Big Bad Jon.


Elected Leaders

Our beloved guild is too new to have an elected leader.


Our guild is currently searching for new members, with our arms wide open. Our current proud members can be viewed at the SIAs Stats Page.