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The Russian Language Godville (also known as Godville Russia, Russian Godville, Original Godville, and OriGV) is the first settled land of Godville and is located many milestones beyond the Qu'tox Ocean. The inhabitants write a strange version of English using backward R's, N's, and E's along with a whole ton of other letters nobody even recognizes. Those who can decipher their cryptic form of communication often stand bewildered in complete puzzlement at their humor. A common response to the hero entries is simply, "I don't get it; it must be a Russian thing."

Some gods have speculated that the Russian Language Godville is an alternative universe where some letters are written backward. To date, no god has been able to prove or disprove this theory because no god can prove whether moving between the Russian Language Godville and this Godville does or does not constitute moving universes. In any case, nobody except those hyper technical theologians cares enough to further investigate.

Like this Godville, the Russian Language Godville also has a wiki—also written in the Russian Language Godville's cryptic code. Through the cooperation of the intelligent graduate students at Godville University and a company named Google, a decrypted version of the Russian Language GodWiki is available here. (Using the search function on the page will revert everything to the cryptic code. Yes, we know the bug exists. And no, nobody is working on this bug — so just deal with it).

Gods wishing to see the cryptic wiki without the assistance of the decrypter may view it here.

Common obsessions in Russian Godville

When one is wandering around this strange world, they may encounter jokes and customs they do not entirely get.

  • Buns - in Russian Godville, it is said that a hero must write a diary entry about every interaction they have with a bun, especially of the iced kind (this is put down to their childish mentality as they love anything sweet). Buns are the food of heroes. It is unknown why this important fact has not been transferred into English Godville.
  • Mabritanskie scientists - the Russian analogue of the ubiquitous "mad scientist" stereotype. In the early days of English Godville, this failed translation of the term 'mad scientists' even appeared in the Godville Times before somebody corrected it. Now these scientists are blamed for as many things here as they are in Russian Godville, notably the more quirky of their meteorological and genetic experiments.
  • Zelenka - This is a notorious green antiseptic, a kind of medical 'duct-tape' the heroes of Russian Godville rejoice in. It is actually an ethanolic solution of a dye known as Brilliant Green (hence its intense color). If the bun is the food of heroes, zelenka is the drink of heroes (consume alcohol + heal self = win-win). It's also useful for hurling at monsters.
  • Korovans - This is a Russian internet meme we have no equivalent of (or hope of fully understanding), which originated from an old game developing company called MiST. Korovans are cows, and the meme is about robbing them. I know. Don't ask.

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