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This page depict the Recommendations that should be followed and the Rules which must be followed while editing any article on the wiki. There are only a few so it is expected that you follow them.


  1. The Creators Manual and Guidelines recommendations should be followed when creating or editing an article.
  2. On the GodWiki, any article created and file uploaded should be categorized.
  3. Changes to Guild, Hero or God articles should be flagged as "minor edits" using the check box under the editing interface. Any edits at all that consist solely of spelling corrections, formatting changes, or rearrangement of text without major modification of content should also be flagged as 'minor edits'.
  4. GodWiki is not an image-hosting platform, and images should never be uploaded "in case they're useful" or "to be used at some point" but only for immediate use in an article. Images which are not used in articles may be deleted without notice.
  5. Do your best and ask for help. It doesn't matter to us if you aren't a skilled writer, or your English isn't perfect. We have volunteer editors available at the Help:Requests page who will help anyone with their writing or formatting of their articles.
  6. Be Bold but respectful. If you see something that needs doing, go ahead and do it. But the GodWiki is a place of collaboration and support where all should be respectful of the efforts and intentions of everyone here.


  1. You may not add content not related to Godville, or deliberately populate it with false information portrayed as true instead of fictitious.
  2. You may not edit the Guild article of a guild in which you are not a member or another user's God and Hero pages without express permission by the leader of that guild or by that user. Only exceptions would be Godwiki maintenance (categorizing or update of recently changed template).
  3. You may not unnecessarily mention specific guilds, gods, or heroes outside of the Guilds/Gods/Heroes and some backstage pages.
  4. Spam and vandalism are forbidden. No exceptions.
  5. No offensive content. The GodWiki has the same terms of use as the rest of Godville. To quote from item 5: "the Player's content will not include any offensive comments that are connected to race, national origin, gender, sexual preference or physical handicap, any profanity or any obscene, indecent, pornographic, sexual or otherwise objectionable content or language." This applies without exception to the GodWiki, and any material deemed inappropriate by Godville Administrators will be removed.

If you break a rule, an explanation may be left for you on your User talk: page. If necessary, issues requiring further action may be reported to the Godville Administrators. The actions taken will depend on the situation, but may include temporary or permanent bans from editing the GodWiki.

To suggest changes to the rules, please create or contribute to a topic on this article's talk page.

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