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Champion of the God: Rosevictor
Personality: Kind
Gender: Female
Level: 17
Motto: Power UP Now
Guild: Demonlovers
Guild Rank: Follower
Temple Completion Date: TBD
Pet Type: N/A
Pet Name: N/A

This is the Wiki Page of Hero rose2 and All Cronicals may be posted when it they where completed from Saturday April 07,2013 .

4/9 morning check in

She's completed Obtain unobtainium ,but no level changes or anything else for now. I'll update the wiki this afternoon.


Rose2 Gained a level and is on quest level # 39 and also trying to make her guild more popular in Trollburg but she went to Beerburg instead.

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- The picture is protected by CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 Copy write.