Roderick the Blind

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Roderick the Blind
The Quantus.jpg
Champion of the God: The Quantus
Personality: Really Really Stupid
Gender: Male
Level: 70
Motto: Fortune Favours The Blind
Guild: Dumbledores Army
Guild Rank: Recruit (Again)
Wins / Losses: 10 / 5
Temple Completion Date: Sept 24, 2017
Current Savings: 3,666,000
Pet Type: Alpha Centaur
Pet Name: Thumper
Pet Level: 10
Pet Personality: Mighty
Favorite Town: Herostan
Personal Rival: Roderick is his own worst enemy!

"What are you doing here? Get over to my God - The Quantus' page! I'm just his lowly hero. He'll tell you anything you need to know about me.

Really... I was barely allowed this entry!"