Road Krill

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Monsters of Godville
Road Krill
Euphausia Via
Class Crustacean
Habitat Roads, Cities
Description Motorcycle Riding Shellfish

The Road Krill (Euphausia Via) is a monster that is bad to the bone, or shell in the krill's case. It is a crustacean that drives a motorcycle and it rides throughout the roads causing nothing but trouble. Another thing that is worth mentioning is that if anyone messes with the Road Krill, it will be their biggest mistake yet.

General Information

The Road Krill, from a young age, always admired motorcycle gangs. However, nobody took it seriously because it is a marine creature and cannot thrive on land. Therefore, it was unable to drive a motorcycle. But, that didn't stop the Road Krill. It started by trying to breathe on land by crawling out of the ocean. Of course, this was a massive failure and it almost died before a human tossed it back into the ocean. But, the Road Krill didn't even think about the act of kindness and searched for ways to breathe on land, despite being encouraged not to by the rest of the underwater community. It kept searching for ways to breathe on land, but couldn't find any. And thus, it began to fear that it would never be able to become a motorcyclist. But eventually, it's hard work paid off and it learned a magic spell that allowed it to breathe on land and still breathe in water. And after it casted the spell, it emerged onto land triumphantly, ready to become a motorcyclist.

However, becoming a motorcyclist is easier said than done, since the krill needs a motorcycle to become one. However, this wasn't a problem for the Road Krill and it somehow became the meanest, most fierce cyclist in the land. So much so, that sometimes it was known to pick on heroes just for fun. Nowadays, many heroes run in fear when they hear the sound of the Road Krill's motorcycle.



  • Tough, Mean, and Intimidating
  • Skilled motorcyclist
  • Driving a motorcycle makes it a fast and dangerous monster


  • Edible (It's a Krill)
  • Motorcycle may run low on