River Kraktor

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Geography of Godville
River Kraktor
Description Unknown


The River Kraktor is one of the more beautiful and dangerous places in Godville. It is rumored the land here is haunted, but no one has managed to actually make it here in order to find out if this is true or not. Only the bravest Heroes go here in the hopes of scavenging the reported legendary loot fallen heroes have left behind, but they must be willing to face a non-stop assault from hordes of Monsters in order to reach it. Suffice it to say this river has remained pristine despite its reputation.


The water reflects the landscape, drawing the hero ever closer to it - if they ever manage to actually be here to see it. The vegetation here is almost too perfectly green, and is often disconcerting to heroes passing through this region.


The River Kraktor flows down from the Jagged Peaks in the west, to merge with the River Stinks into the Mainstream below Beerburgh. Take the Passage of the Last Man Lying to get here.

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