Retired Boss Monster

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Monsters of Godville
Retired Boss Monster
Class Monster
Habitat Retirement homes
Description Former boss-monster, now retired.

The Retired Boss Monster is a rare enemy that quit its job and spends its now considerable amount of free time wandering the realm of Godville to terrorize and intimidate anything cute that comes on its path.

General information

The Retired Boss Monster is as strong as a normal Boss Monster but due to its age, cunning and combat experience, heroes will find it hard to defeat.

The Monster had a difficult childhood, having had a Boss Monster for a daddy. However, having accompanied Daddy during its fighting trips from an early age, it was able to observe and copy all of the dirtiest Monstering tricks. Needless to say, this made it thoroughly obnoxious at school and when it left after the legal minimum time, a general sigh of relief went around the whole area, with the possible exception of those who had thought that the life of a Hero would be good.

Daddy also instilled in it the unshakeable opinion that it was the best and that it was always right and while the monstrous ego which was the result can take a Monster a long way in its career, a cunning Hero may be able to play on this and cause the Monster to lose judgement during a fight.

Since it has gathered a lot of treasure during a lifetime of Monstering, added to what Daddy had left, it is able to afford the best lawyers and is likely to sue any Hero unfortunate enough to stray outside what it thinks are the acceptable limits of combat and general Heroic behaviour. The fact that its idea of what those limits are does not chime with everyone else's view does not deter it in the slightest and many an unlucky Hero has had his hard earned gold stripped from him in court.



  • Extreme cunning
  • Dirty tricks
  • Good lawyers


  • Creaking slightly, due to age
  • Monstrous ego
  • Good cigars