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This is by far the most responsible guild to ever exist. They run around making sure all the chores in nearby villages get done before the crack of dawn. When the tired, overworked farm children wake up to go muck the stalls, they squeal with delight to see that their chores are already done. Other responsibilities may include:

Counting change and exchanging it for paper bills

Holding signs for protesters who want to take a nap

Doing the dishes

Making sure people keep off the grass

Making sure monsters don't attack heros on their way back to town

Cleaning out the fridge

Doing drunk hero's taxes

Walking pets

Going door to door selling beer for a good cause. (Wait, is this bottle empty?!)

Some people think the guild is silly, but the truth is that they are usually the ones behind everything that keeps towns smooth and running.

(Could someone please get me an unopened beer?)