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Monsters of Godville
Class Humanoid
Habitat Enclosed spaces
Description Youthful in appearance, with a close-fitting crimson top

The Redshirt is a rash beast, whose enthusiasm for battle greatly surpasses its abilities in combat.

Indeed, they consider "keenness" a reasonable alternative to weapons training. First into the fray and first to die, the Redshirt plight tugs eternally at the heartstrings of their leveled-up Blueshirt comrades, who vow vengeance and tearfully run out to die in the next skirmish. Godville scientists continue to puzzle over the species' ability to continue in the face of these inherited suicidal tendencies; everyone else just laughs.



  • Redshirts are numerous. Field researchers postulate that the beasts took an evolutionary hairpin turn towards overpopulating to compensate for their suicidal tendencies.
  • Being untrained, they are unpredictable in battle, and may surprise an attacker with entirely unlikely moves. Dramatic yells and flailing arms should be expected at any time.


  • Lack of weapons mastery.
  • Given their predilection for unplanned attack, Redshirts are peculiarly susceptible to *stray blows*. Where a carefully aimed strike may go astray, the backwards-glancing, I-wasn't-looking technique will often finish them off.