Red Robin Hood

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Monsters of Godville
Red Robin Hood
Class Human
Habitat Forests
Description Pretty Boy

Early Life

Red Robin Hood was born in Godville from a relationship of Red Riding Hood (Age: 26) and Robin Hood (Age: 28) He lost his father early at the age of 3 when his father, Robin Hood, found out that Red Riding Hood's visits to her Grandma contained much less Grandma than he thought before, Robin Hood killed himself by shooting an arrow upwards in a 90 degree angle on a day with no wind. After that, Red Riding Hood continued to pay her visits to her 'grandma', this behavior was taken over by her son.

Teenage Life

Having picked up the habits of his mom and his father's good looks and talent Red Robin Hood quickly gained a lot of popularity when he attended archery school, he quickly became the best student and often shot his arrows into the apples of many girls. Thanks to Teenage gossip he quickly learned more about his father and decided to dedicate his life to the same thing, however, rich people never ride through forests, so he decided to rob heroes instead.

Adult Life

Age has reflected on Robin's mental health, as his face began to show cracks and his skin turned darker so did his personality, his way of dealing with midlife crisis is by killing innocent heroes on sight, however, his aim suffers a lot from the heavy drinking he does all day long, and heroes now have a fair chance of defeating him disgracefully. Red Robin Hood's God appears not have given up on him as he appears to still be alive when reported dead.

Alternate Theories

Many works were written about Red Robin Hood by many people who liked him, after he was first reported drunk, dead and resurrected most of these fans stated that Red Robin Hood would never excessively drink and didn't come to life but was really in heaven drinking mead with the Gods, and that the Red Riding Hoods reported by others are just impostors or drunk cosplayers who got a little out of control, forests are known to host a lot of cosplayer fights and as a result this theory seems plausible.



  • Great Charm (?)
  • Impeccable Aim (?)
  • Permanent Aura of Abstinence (?)
  • Knowledge of his surroundings


  • 'Chronic Drunkness', as a result, his impeccable aim and great charm might be severed, as well as an actual absence of the Aura of Abstinence
  • Might be an Impostor, as a result, it might just be a weak nerd, however, he still might have knowledge of the surroundings.
  • Has a weakness for women, as a result, female heroines are more likely to succeed at winning or running away.