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Artifacts of Godville
Rare find
Type 💎Bold
Description Unknown

Heroes acually don't know what this is, and have never acually seen it before. Often, it is a new brand of alcohol which whatever had. If it is not some kind of odd beer, then it is some useless metal or toy your hero and most traders can't identify. Luckily, it does fetch a nice price, probably because heroes tend to get lucky with their trader, and they don't really know what these rare finds do. If any hero managed to get sober, then they can trick the trader, but that never happens, especially because they need the rare find on them.

Some professional traders are known to trick other less experienced traders to buy this for an extremely high price, saying it would help them get sales in some way. This exercise was once banned, and many rare finds were destroyed. This raised the value by a ton, which is why they are sold for about as other rarer artifacts. There is a rumor that all heroes have one somewhere in their pack, but they don't know where.